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Choosing whether a file must be prepared for the arbitrator’s eyes just;.

Considering exactly what need to be consisted of within a mediation package. Aim to concur its contents however do not suggest with the opposite about the contents as anybody can send exactly what they want to the arbitrator;.

Making sure that the files are supplied to the arbitrator, and if essential, the opposite, in time;.

Preparing information of the expenses to this day and anticipated expenses to trial. This procedure can help the analysis of the case. Whilst some mediations do settle with expenses to be examined by the Court if not concurred, why not attempt to use the mediation to concur expenses?

Talking about with the customer the procedure of the mediation. In particular it is necessary to go over whether the customer would like a joint opening conference where both celebrations (together with their legal representatives) meet the conciliator, or whether the customer would choose to prevent a joint opening conference, and rather, together with their lawyer, meet the arbitrator.